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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Uli's aftermath.

Ken here.

Thanks to everybody who came out to Uli's these past two Thursdays. Tyrannovox, Glass Moshpit, and Billiards Music--what else could you ask for?

(If the answer is, "A Venn diagram to explain how each of these bands overlaps with the others," I have just the thing for you.)


Mike has taken the right side of the stage these past two shows. This isn't an accident. When you're playing at Uli's, the right side of the stage makes you look way cooler than the left side. Thanks to the inestimable David Loomis, I have been photographed there many times, bathed in glowing lights, lasers, and fog. At Mike's request, we switched places these last two shows, so that he may know the glory as well.

To make up for all the times when he stood on the uncool side of the stage, I have retouched a photograph of Mike from one of those older shows and simulated the fabled "right side of the stage" effect.


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