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Thursday, September 2, 2010

In the studio again.

Tyrannovox -1 @ Oade's (8/13/2010).
Souls stolen by David "Shang Tsung" Loomis.

And by "studio," I mean "Raymond's basement." Ken here.

We apologize that Adam couldn't make it to our Friday the 13th show, but we did our best to deal without him. I think it went relatively well. Hopefully everybody enjoyed themselves.

The latest news: we're recording again! We're working on songs right now. Some of them you may have heard if you've been to our recent shows. Some, we've had for a while and just haven't committed to tape* yet. And some are brand new, unfinished, and never heard before. It's all awesome, and before long, it'll all be in your ears.

(*Tape? Yeah right.)

Our current set of recordings is available on our first disc, titled Guano Loco. You have to come to our shows if you want a copy! Or, you can be a cheapskate and listen to the songs here on the site. Your call.

As far as shows go, there's nothing definite yet, but we're working on a date at Mac's Bar in October. Keep it here for the details on that.

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