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Monday, July 12, 2010

Middle-of-July update.

Tyrannovox @ Oade's Hidden Camel (7/9/2010). Once again, photo by David Loomis, who crucially combines taking pictures with posting them on Facebook.

Ken here.

Our show at Oade's on Friday was a smashing success, which--we are thrilled to announce--was captured in a soundboard recording. We hope to make that available soon.

Also, next time you're there, take a look at the ceiling tiles above the stage. You might catch a glimpse of this:

Our gig at the Double Six yielded more mixed results. Other bands welshed out, strings broke, crowds shrank, brake lines leaked, and so on. Nevertheless, the enthusiasts who made it out seemed to have a good time. You win some and you kind-of-win some.

Don't forget: our next show is the farm party on the 24th. Mark your calendars and check the deets in the previous post.

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